Safety First

We have insurance, HOWEVER, we must remind individuals with neck, head, back, spinal or ANY muscle related condition, pregnant women, unsupervised children under 4 years of age, intoxicated persons, and ANY OTHER PERSONS, who feel that they may be more susceptible to INJURY from falls, bouncing and bumps ARE NOT PERMITTED on our Castle/s at ANY time.

Only to be supervised by adults (18+) who are not in any way affected by drugs or alcohol. No FLIPS or extreme HORSEPLAY permitted. No bouncing near castle/s entrance.

No DRINKS, FOOD OR SHARP ITEMS are permitted inside the Castle/s AT ANY TIME. NO persons are to be inside during inflation or deflation of Castle/s. SHOES, GLASSES (for eyes or to drink) and JEWELLERY are to be removed BEFORE entering Castle/s. Please keep small children and babies away from any netting and cords as this may be a choking hazard.

Incase of rain and/or lightening and/or winds over 25 kmph, ALL are to exit the Castle/s in a safe manner. Also incase of accidental power outage to unit/s ALSO have all exit Castle/s in a safe manner should a sudden change in WEATHER OR CHANGE IN WIND SPEED OCCUR. If bad weather or high winds be predicted up until 24 hours PRIOR to your booking, a change of date is offered within 3 months
subject to approval from both parties involved. If that cannot be resolved, a refund of the FULL DEPOSIT PAID is offered unless party / event has requested guest party bags or any other “ Special Request” such as additional staff supervision etc requested by customer lessee.

No person/s weighing or weighing OVER 100 Kgs should jump on our Castle/s. Any person/s NOT obeying Supervision rules should be excused IMMEDIATELY from Castle/s play and be sent to the “Naughty Corner” NOT SUPPLIED